Try to anticipate your tournaments by asking your online casino about the conditions of the competition and most importantly, knowing the video poker slot machine that has been selected. Our advice is to play on a video poker machine that you know.  This is where your coolness will make the difference (read this article to become a real grinder!).  Video poker, like poker for that matter, is a real opportunity to “tilter”, i.e. to lose your mind. As time goes on, the game becomes more difficult. Clicking on a machine for hours on end requires unsuspected psychological qualities and an extraordinary capacity for concentration.

How to play a video poker tournament?

play video poker tournament

It’s exactly the same principle as a classic video poker machine except that instead of winning money you earn points on each winning hand. These points allow you to move up or down a leaderboard where you will find all the players in the tournament. The goal is to be in the top 10 for big payouts. Some video poker tournaments have thousands of dollars in prize money, but to our knowledge this is a far cry from the prize money in online slot tournaments. The entry fees are relatively low. It is difficult to make an average, but you can find buy-ins for 5 dollars and for the most popular tournaments around 50 dollars.

How much do you win in video poker?

Jackpots rarely exceed $10,000, but it’s reasonable to assume that with the spotlight on the game at the moment, new players will increase the winnings, thus increasing the buy-in base. It is noticeable that tournaments on the other hand pay off in a big way. You can get a payout for finishing in 50th place! This is great for video poker players new to tournaments who can get a reward without finishing in the top 10 of the tournament. You will see that online casinos are doing their best to attract players. It should be said that in many countries you can find video poker machines in cafes or tobacco shops. The casinos are trying to attract all these casual players, so take advantage of this!

How does a video poker tournament work?

video poker online

You have to register and pay a buy-in to participate. It is important to note that a tournament can be time consuming. Some can last two days while others are played in rounds. The counters are stopped after x rounds and players below a certain place are eliminated. For beginner players this is a good option as playing over several days requires stamina and self-control skills that are acquired over a lifetime of playing video poker and even poker! Then a common poker machine for all players will be chosen. Then, you just have to play the best you can to get points and climb the ranking!

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